Design , layer 0 download

Hey, Whats wrong with my design and layers ? I import my all layers example: Greddy, akrapovic,bride,nitto,etc… I had legendary painter status on forza horizon 3 and now Im sharing designes and still0 download for layers and designes… how to share it correctly ?
THank you

Little bit lower there is another topic on same thing. But you are just too late, new designs are really hard to find when game shows only most downloaded ones and those are allready full of those simple designs (dont get me wrong, there is some really great ones). I try to find today desing to amg m-b in front page there was 7 with one guy design only difference between was color. And most downloaded was just simple green in car that is allready green in stock. I wonder how mutch there is peoples who download allways most popular design and most popular tune no matter what kinda design or tune it is.