Design Contest For A Real Race Car

Hey guys,

Sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong section but here goes anyway.

I would like to see if any of you would be interested in a design contest. If your design is the one that I pick it will be put on my new Camaro race car. You will also be able to get your signature on the gas cap of the car.


  • The car must have the same colors as my other car
  • There cannot be any other promotional logos on the car except the ones on my other race car
  • Have fun with it. Your design could be on TV
  • 2 week deadline

This car will be built as a Pirelli World Challenge GTS car as well as in Trans-Am race series as a TA3 car.

The build thread is on Camaro5

I currently run a Mini Cooper in World Challenge on Breathless Performance Pro Racing Team. Last season was my first ever race season and I finished in 5th place over all. This Camaro is an awesome step up from the Mini Cooper. I will be running both of these cars next season.

If you would like updates on the build please subscribe to this thread. I will try to update it frequently as things get done to the car.

If you would like updates on my racing please take a look at my racing page on Facebook.

As of right now sponsorship opportunities are available for both of these cars. If anyone is interested, or you have any suggestions of sponsors I should pursue please PM me.

We are also looking for some design ideas if anyone is good with photoshop. We are looking to stick to the same colors as my other car.

This is my car I run now.

Here is the car that is being built.

I may take a look and see what can be done as not painted a Camaro yet.
Also, if there are any more sponsors or any other logos to be used on the livery other than shown can you post a list up?

ps: is there a deadline?


Deadline is 2 weeks ill be sure to post that up.
I don’t know if it is possible to add these logos if not it is ok. The only difference between my car and this car is that the number has to be changed to number 7.