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The mood and composition of this shot is great

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Only one today (too much time spent racing)

Thought I’d try something a little different when an attempted drag race shoot just failed with the wide shots showing off all the cars in the lineup…

Winter is coming…

I knew the Gritting Services are just show! Nice job clearing that road, dudes!

Nice shots, Spaceman. I like your updated Photocomp entry, looks like a winner to me.

The stewardess car looks awesome, too:

I like the layout in this shot.


I found it amusing that even in FH the post office last collection is 9am too…

Some good, some not so much. A combination of broken laptop and full space in game lead to some catching up.

I thought the snow would lead to some much better shots but I just haven’t managed to get what’s in my mind captured - perhaps I may be a little too critical of myself.

Hi Demonic Spaceman! Apologies for the late response in replying. You have made a great start and some of your shots are really good. Don’t be afraid to experiment more like you are doing. Some of the snow shots just need a few tweaks. I can see where but it is hard to explain, maybe some more aperture on some of them. Otherwise well done. I enjoyed looking through. Keep them Coming! I look forward to seeing more. :grinning::+1: Cheers torque99

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Yeah I’ve been struggling with the snow a bit and just can’t get the settings right or the shot right but the way I see it is if I take 200 photos and have a handful of good ones it’s all good :slight_smile: Practice (and reading guides, viewing other people’s work and some luck) makes perfect.

I am enjoying the first shot.

Civic had some use last night, so a quick photo shoot by the castle happened.
Out of space in game now so no watermarks and xbox screenshots (the way forward I think unless T10 increase the limit).

Love this one!

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Seeing this shot made me smile inside. And that is because the composition is interesting.