Demo - PC demo released Nov. 3

When can we download a playable demo for horizon 3?


That and I am also wondering is Turn10 going to put out and give demo players a reward car for playing the demo between x and x days? For sure, they will, but maybe not.

They have with the others, I can’t wait. Need demo now. Haven’t the other horizons also been released in October?

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I’m not sure about the original Horizon, but H2 came out on September 30, 2014 with the Demo coming out on the 15th. FM6 was released on the 15th of September last year and had the demo released on the 1st, so we can expect the demo (if there is one) around September 12 or so I’m going to guess


Does anyone know about when we will get to play a demo? I can’t remember when the horizon 2 demo came out, but I know it couldn’t touch the actual game, and that was a great thing seeing how much fun the demo was!

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I said this in another thread but FM6 and FH2 both had demos that were released 15 days before the full game was released (September 1 and September 15, respectively). So if this trend continues I’d say around September 12 or so. Long ways away but it probably will not be released before then so…I just want to play it now also. I’m pretty hyped.

EDIT: Ninja’d on that one. Sorry


Thank you guys…guess I’ll have to wait. :frowning:

Yeah I was hoping for one like now lol.

I’m just wondering if it gonna be available on PC as well. I have no doubts game is great and i would definetely preorder it if i was Xbox One user, but as a PC player i won’t be getting anything if i don’t know how good or bad it runs on my PC.

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buy it once on xbox 1 and play it on both the xbox 1 and windows 10…
is confirmed!

how it plays on windows 10 can be confirmed by playing forza apex…

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Forza 6 apex seems to be a pretty poorly optimised game, or at least with nvidia graphics cards. It doesn’t run terrible with my 770 but sometimes I get random lag spikes. Hope they’ve smoothed out the optimisation by horizons 3’s release.

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I guess you misunderstood me. I didnt mean i want to get it for both X1 and PC. I’m going to get it for PC, and i don’t have X1. :stuck_out_tongue:

if past history is any indicator then maybe the first week of September…

Try out Forza 6: Apex on Win 10, it’s fee. That should give you an indication of how well the game will work. It’s the same game engine. If you can run that it should run the same.

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Been playin Apex since release and it runs good. Horizon however is open world game and it also runs 30 fps on X1 (i wonder at what fps X1 can really run it w/o lock), so that means Apex is not quite the same as Horizon in terms of performance.

Just a point to make note of. Turn 10 does not do the Horizon games, they only do the Motorsport titles. Horizon is done by Playground Games.
As far as “I didn’t mean i want to get it for both X1 and PC. I’m going to get it for PC”, they are one in the same.
The physical copies are Xbox only, the digital downloads are Xbox Anywhere and can be played on either platform, there is not an Xbox or PC choice in any meaningful sense.


In actuality, it’s a joint development for Horizon 3. That’s very obvious from Turn 10s development team posting answers to questions stating that THEY ARE WORKING on such-n-such feature.

Turn 10 are sharing their extensive list of cars that are already built, and also sharing their knowledge with regards to The Beta Apex so that the game can operate seamlessly with bot console and Win-10 PCs.

Plus it’s obvious that many of the Turn 10 guys n gals are working side by sides with Playground a Games, which is great for all concerned.,and I believe it’s a great thing, as we all know that collaboration often brings out the best where a good game is concerned.

Yes, Playground Games IS the major developer, but you’ll find for a great game tomgrow, you need to move x the two talent pools to get the best out of both.

Plus, it makes complete sense that they both work together. When the next Motorsports title hits the shelves (or in the new digital world, HDDs), Turn 10 will be using splay grounds tech around weather and other areas we want in FM7, which are now being implemented in H3.

Both working to give us all a better game, irrespective of the title.


When are PG rolling out a demo?

On xb1 or pc, I think prob like F6 when it get closer to the date, as at moment its months off.

Are you guys sure about the previous Horizons having a Demo. I do not remember either of them having one. Motorsports I do remember since 3 I think it was, just don’t remember any for Horizon’s