Demo Patch out now!

It’s a little patch under 100mb. Do you know what is changed?

No, but I’m definitely curious to find out as well. Thanks for this.

Wasn’t planning on playing it again, but I’m curious what this changes about the gameplay, if anything.

Mine was 75mb. Have no idea what for. Thought maybe it would be an update to keep our presets tied to our profile so we dont have to change them every race… oh well.

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I can’t even play the demo as it keeps saying it needs the update but then keeps going to error. I’ve already deleted it, shut down the xbox and reinstalled and still the same thing…sigh Oh well, the 10th isn’t that far away.

UPDATE: Nevermind, after the full game itself finished updating, I could play the demo. Weird but I’ll take it. Race on!

Was rivals mode always there?


Strange there is no info.

It looks as though the update allows you to go to rivals without having to replay the whole demo.

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No it was always like that

When I first downloaded the demo, every time I launched the game from the dashboard, it would force me to replay the entire demo before being able to get access to Rivals. Now when I launch the game from the dashboard I am able to go straight to Rivals without having to replay the demo.


Same. I was also forced to replay the demo to get back to rivals.

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No it was always like that

Mine wasn’t always like that. After every single Rivals race I had to “Restart Demo” and then it would bring me back to the title screen where I could re-enter the Rivals. I don’t think they’re saying you had to do all the races again…but there was no quick way to get back to the main Rivals menu.


I think it was to patch the problem some people were getting asked for credit card details when trying to download. I got asked for a payment method and a charge of £0.00. Which i accepted because i have my card on file. But i guess people that dont have a card on file either didnt have a card to put on or didnt want to input card details

Fact: if you’re not online, Rivals will not be accessible. Once you beat the game, Rivals can be accessed right away in future sessions, though 1. you have to be online and 2. (super annoying) all settings reset to default after every Rival event even in the same demo session.

Would be nice for the devs to add a save feature so that you don’t have to set your assists, controller and audio settings all over again after each and every Rival event. Plus, is it too much to ask to make the other tracks have unlimited laps? Hmm, probably is, but still!

Yes this would be awesome!

I seen you can now run the rivals as many laps as you want and make flying laps when before you couldn’t that’s one thing from update

Unfortunately, you can do unlimited laps only on the Rio circuit.

I noticed the dirty lap indicator came back in the rival forza fuel challenge event. Did not replay all demo to see if it was back everywhere