Demo impressions?

Just not feeling it guys, been with Forza since the first release and the physics engine just isn’t realistic. I actually really enjoyed number 4, the cars seemed too have a semi realistic grip and weight to them, even with a wheel.
But this demo has absolutely ruined it for me, it just feels like I’m sliding across a hockey rink, every car loses grip way sooner than they should, not even close to real world physics.
The steering is laughable with the TX wheel, nothing like the real thing, I’ve driven the Audi in the demo and it feels NOTHING like the real world car at speed, the games steering feels lose and spaghetti like no matter what setting I use.
The physics in Project Cars are about as close too real as you can possibly get on a console and an absolute blast to drive, unfortunately everything beyond the physics is a mess.
People seem too think that the more difficult these cars are too drive the more realistic they are, and that way of thinking is wrong.
The 15 Mustang GT in PC feels like the real life test drive I took recently, the 15 in Forza 5 isn’t even close, and the physics are practically the same as 5 with far better force feedback in 6.
Very, very disappointed in Turn 10, ill be getting my money back tomorrow on my Special Edition Forza6 Xbox One.
Project Cars may be a mess, but the developer supports the product ridiculously well, for Gods sake there still using the same tired camera views, Project Gotham even let you adjust your view too your liking and how long ago was that?
Sorry this is nothing more than 5 with more stuff, and slightly worse physics, damn shame too see a great series lose their direction so badly, this is becoming more like Horizon with all the wheel spins and crap, not a sim.
This is nothing more than an opinion so goes easy on me.
Curious as to others opinion on the demo, people with the wheel preferably.

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