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All American Racers DeltaWing

Panoz has the 2 IMSA models on its Museum

The Open Cockpit one that was inspired by the original design that was supposed to be run on Indycar

And the closed one that was used on its last seasons on IMSA

A doc about Deltawing

2015 Daytona 24 Qualify laps of Delta wing

Other models of DeltaWing beyond i had said

Nissan Deltawing

I think the DeltaWing Race Cars would be interesting to see on Forza Motorsport.

I would be happy to see Either the Nissan or the Panoz DeltaWing’s.
It may only have a 1.9l Turbocharged Inline 4 that produces 300bhp, The DeltaWing is extremely lightweight at 475KG (1,047lb) which makes it a rocketship.

At the time when it was a Garage 56 Category in 2012, it was also competing in the P1 Category, So placing it in Forza P1 would make a lot of sense.