Decided to add an extra layer of complexity to my game, need some help to polish it up

So as the title says, FH3 just became super boring very fast. There are no consequences for anything, no risks, nothing.

FH4 picked up on that and seems to made it even worse, but all the rest looks really fun, so I decided to add an extra layer of management, to make it challenging, and have some risks associated with the never ending rewards the game gives you.

One of my favorite games of all times was Street legal Racing Redline. In that game, the rewards were offset by serious risks. Risks that in more extreme cases, would cause you to lose your entire save and have to start over, because you utterly destroyed your only car, and have no money to repair or get a new one.

Now, I’m not looking into getting that severe, but cars are not indestructible tanks that magically get fixed from all scratches every 5 minutes, so in a slow day I came with a simple set of rules and the supporting docs to play with them.

Rules and Guide -
Support Tracking document -
The idea behind it, is to have you manage your aggressiveness and risk taking, making that last turn risky lunge actually feel risky, with the rewards and consequences it may bring with it.

But to finish it all up, I’ve been searching for decals, even though they are purely cosmetic, they finish up the feel of how aggressive you are being, when you pull up with a completely scratched car. I try finding them with the most common keywords but can’t seem to find any, only a couple of scratches that look decent, but nothing else. I can see a lot of paintjobs with amazing damage decals, but not on the vinyls that we can put in our paints as we desire.

is there anyone making those? Or am I just using the wrong search parameters?

Obviously everyone is welcome to try out this extra layer, and I very much welcome feedback on improvements.