Dear Turn 10- Support, please help

Dear Turn 10,

I bought yesterday 10 DLC for HZ2 :
Forza Horizon 2: ‘Falken Tire’-Auto-Paket
Forza Horizon 2"-Alpinestars-Auto-Paket
Forza Horizon 2: IGN-Auto-Paket
Forza Horizon 2: Duracell-Auto-Paket
Forza Horizon 2: Top Gear-Auto-Paket
Forza Horizon 2: ‘Furious 7’-Auto-Paket
Forza Horizon 2: ‘NAPA Auto Parts’-Auto-Paket
Forza Horizon 2: G-Shock-Auto-Paket
Forza Horizon 2: Rockstar-Auto-Paket
Forza Horizon 2: Vorbestellungs-Auto-Paket
For each DLC-Car i must use in-game credits. I have not the one-time-for-free tag for DLC cars .
i have contact the xbox-support and there get me back money for 4 DLC. For more the support will
have an answer from Turn10.
I have installed the DLC and then i started the game. I have shut down the xbox and disconnect the power. Nothing :frowning:
What have i do false?

Thanks for help

Thomas de Luca

Install the DLC then do a complete power cycle of the console. That should unlock the free car for the profile that purchased the DLC.

Worst case scenario, you could always use in-game credits to enjoy the cars and keep playing the game while you wait to hear back.


Thank you PPiDrive, thats help. Thank you.
Oh my God 3 hours xbox-support and nothing.

ps. thank also for your setups in HZ2

You’re welcome. Glad you like them.

Dear Turn 10! I have an issue on Forza Horizon 2 where every time i load up the game, it takes around 5 hours to sync my profile, and when it finishes the sync. My account is a fresh start account. Can you somehow get my original “profile” working? I was top 10 in the world when the game was new and Horizon 2 is my favorite game… well was, as my account is not loadable. The game realizes i still have an account as when i drive past a speed zone, it shows my previous best speed, and realizes that i am in a car club. Is my account lost forever???

Thank you for any help :slight_smile: