Dear Pointless thread starters

Why don’t you all just suck it up and realize things are what they are. If they change then that’s great but your foolishness isn’t going to make it happen any quicker and you threads are becoming pointless and annoying again. You bash mods like they can somehow make a difference. They have one job and that is to moderate the forums plain and simple. You guys act like you think you are starting some kind of revolution with repeat threads about the same things and none of you seem to get it through your little know-it-all skulls that there are threads made specifically for game feature requests…which have been linked in countless threads this summer.

Use the forums properly or just leave and find another game.

P.S. I dont need an explanation why you are doing it. I get it, there is a lot of missing content and everybody’s expectations weren’t met…not even close. So spare me a reply on why you have been doing it. I dont want to hear it, I dont care. My intention was to tell you give it up and wait for this thread to get locked.

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Kinda had to laugh at these lock threads. I guess they don’t understand what a mod is. If they did help out with T10. Trust me we would had gave them all handshakes years back. I just have a feeling that more these kinds of points side are going to keep popping up. Many games are releasing this year. Go play those for a year because Forza 6 is around the corner. Forza 6 should hopefully be better than 5. I guess after they read this they still won’t understand because they 100% know everything and the best. I really need people to give this community a prayer.

Microsoft is busy making money right now please leave a message after the beep we will get back to you when forza 6 comes out have a nice day.


the thing is on the demo off the game it said we was getting this and that but we haven’t even got half the stuff they said we could have
and its getting boring because on forza 5 they are only 17 tracks i think and on forza 4 you get 30 plus tracks (can’t remember exactly)
and the game just feels like a beta test trail for forza 6 and most off the cars what we are getting in DLC are what we get for free on forza 4 and 3 how is that right?

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FM4 had 25 tracks, 3 of those were the same environment and rarely used (Camino, Iberian, Ladera)

FM5 has 17.

The difference isn’t that much when you take out the fantasy tracks.

There was no demo with any promises because there was never a demo.

Your ice is already very thin, one more of these and I have a feeling it is going to break.



Hint: I can still see your edit and what was there the first time you typed and when you edited it to argue.

Don’t second guess the mods, it’s in the ToS.


no i edited because they is no point fighting with a no it all bully who gets a way with everything
SergeantPounder has bulled me is the past on this site because am dyslexic and can’t spell right and when i went to a mod about it nothing happen like all ways a this post has been screen shot and sent in you should block and lock post like this what SergeantPounder has put up

i put post up in the past and aimed it at people because i was hot headed at the time and it got locked width it should have

but when other people do it nothing happens this was amid at SnD when i looked at the T&C its sates you can not do it but yet its not locked


Please Wraggy. Did I say your spelling sucked? Yes. Was that before you brought up the Dyslexic excuse? Yes. Dont act like I bullied you because of a disorder. Just learn to use spell check.

Because you disagree with someone’s opinion doesn’t mean you can come to a moderator and tell them how to do their job.

I see this working two ways. You can stop and so can the snd guys or you can lose posting privileges. You guys are being ridiculous and have been given a place to post but continue to keep on despite being asked not to. SP is tired of seeing it and so are many others. Those are your options. If you keep on you will be first, your decision.

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“Because you disagree with someone’s opinion doesn’t mean you can come to a moderator and tell them how to do their job.”

Just let that sink in. Take your time.

yet again another post that should have been locked down but nothing happens because a tandem drifter has made it

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This has nothing to do with points vs tandem.
Its about the constant foolishness coming out of that group of drifters who think they can hijack the forums with nonsense.

find it funny that the name of this thread has been change to project the tandem drifter
and I find it funny that when a points drifter comes to the forums and makes a tread a Tandem drifter comes in and says this needs to be locked then it gets locked but when a tandem drifter ripped into a points drifter or point drifters nothing happens

this should have been locked a long time ago but yet again nothing has happen and another points drifter has been bulled out again
and the mods have done nothing but back up the tandem people well photo’s and screen shots and been taken of this and been sent in of before and after the title have change

they are soo many rule’s that are in the T&C that have been broken in this thread by the people and the mods
but yet its still not locked

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Again you make this about points vs tandem for no reason. You guys are too hung up on the myth that tandem drifters get away with murder. The fact is that tandem drifters aren’t creating pointless threads directed at bashing mods and their decisions. Tandem drifters aren’t making threads about what they want to see in the game instead of posting in the proper areas. Tandem drifters aren’t taking turns making a thread that gets locked, only to have their buddy pipe in make the exact same thread 5 mins later. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about a select group of points drifters who have been a thorn in the DL side all summer.

You all need to take a step back and reflect on your actions. If you actually conducted yourselves on here in a mature and respectful manner you might actually find that you will get the same in return. But as long as you are going to carry on with this nonstop whining and complaining and posting threads in the wrong area only to prove some kind of point then things won’t get better for you and you will continue to be made an example of. But you can stop blaming tandem drifters and mods and take responsibility.

There’s still room at the Under Moderation Inn for people with comprehension problems. Any more takers?

Is there free breakfast?