Dear Playground games and Forza Horizon

hi not sure where i should i write this, I sent it to forza support hoping it will be seen by the devs and team over at playground games thank you, please move if needed.


Jan 26, 2023, 4:27 PM PST

Hi this is not a support ticket, for a support issue i just want to say a huge thank you to the whole team for their continued work and support on Forza Horizon 5 and i used to have a issue with the weekly challenge not picking up the correct car. so, for example, rally legend in the ford escort rs 1800 i would drive the car with or without a tune and the game wouldn’t recognize the car etc and i could not progress whatever the team has done it has fixed it. works every time now, and it used to for me take a few days for it to fix itself and work but now works when i switch cars etc, i had a little issue the other week. i had to leave and left the game in quick resume then came back turned car on and the weekly challenge reset itself and did not pick up i was driving the correct car and then i restarted the game and it fixed itself and i was on the second or third chapter and it fixed itself. Also thank you for the continued updates new cars events etc, really looking forward to the next dlc. Good on the team for honoring the death of Ken Block and just let them know i still play every day and every week still, level 288 and leveled up 6 times :). I also did not know about the last exploit with the super 7 never knew it was there :frowning: and i just enjoy playing the game properly and racing. Also really really appreciate the play list adjustment with points that came through ages ago that help us non xbox live gold users get reward cars etc A BIG THANK YOU for listening.

I still believe that Forza Horizon is the best open world racing game on the planet and with the event lab and the amazing community takes the game to another level :slight_smile: Please keep up the momentum and bring it into the next Forza Horizon too whenever that may be.
Please give to the devs and also going to miss Mike Brown since he left, and hope all is well on his future :slight_smile:

Thank you so much team and will also continue to play when the next Forza Motorsport comes out, which i am very excited for.

A bit thanks you and continue to listen and love the live streams and appreciate everything the team Kelly, Torben, Chris etc are doing for us fans thank you :slight_smile: