Day one Patch?

Wasn´t there an announcement that there would be a day one patch for Forza 6?
I own the ultimate edition, was it already inlcuded in the download or question to the disc users: Have you been able to download a patch before playing?

What is the source stating there would be a Day 1 Patch.

If it was not from Turn10 directly, or a Turn10 employee on these forums, then it is all speculation and not guaranteed.

I had to download a patch as my disc installed. I can vouch for disc users I suppose. Don’t know what is was for though.

i’ve seen comments that it was 2.2gb …but only from people with the disc version
guess it would have already been snuck into the ultimate version without us noticing too much

My game had the 2.2gb update when I installed the disc. I have no idea what the patch was for, I am hoping not to remove the SS badges on every chevy in the game.

Dont worry the SS badges of the Chevys were already removed from the game.


Yep. Because GM wants to adjust it’s global marketing strategy, or something. Official explanation got burried in a thread around here somewhere a few weeks ago.

Yep just installed the game from the disc which only took about 30minutes, now got the damn 2.2gb to do. Looks like I might not be able to play the game tomorrow then ffs since my download speed maxes out at around 100kbps :frowning: