Day One DLC lost

I installed and started playing Horizon 2 for the first time yesterday and claimed the day one DLC.
After playing the intro races, I figured out through the menus how to purchase cars and the day one DLC cars that are “free”, then went into the menu and attempted to change to the A45 AMG. The only option I could see was remove car, to which I assume was remove from garage. I selected this option and the car is gone!
After this I did a quick Google search to find out I have to go back to the festival to change cars…
I went back to purchase the “free” DLC car again and now I have to pay for it.
Is there a way I can get the A45 AMG back without paying for it?
The game didn’t explain how to change cars, go figure you need to go to a music festival to change your car.
Please help!

You will have to buy it with credits, all DLC cars are available for free once and only once and need to be purchased after that.

Thank you for your quick response.

That’s rather frustrating, such is life