Darthtaters fh3 gallery

Thanks for the comments guys, always nice to read.

Update! Have spent the last couple of days just playing the game but as usual ended up taking pics…



great uploads mate but i gotta say i really enjoyed this one ^

Also noticed when i was grabbing the picture link for quote it was a photobucket code if i may recommend use flickr instead, its a way better quality and easier to navigate through IMO cheers!

I’ve put everything onto Flickr this morning but can’t seem to find IMG codes?




Very very nice man, your gallery is sensational ! Keep up the great work ! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

I rarely get the chance to take real world photos anymore since having my daughter but Forza fills the gap nicely.

Won the HE edition Huracan last night so took it for a drive into the city.

Another skyline / scenery shot :slight_smile:

loved all your work… make me wanna make my own gallery

Got it :slight_smile:

Lovely night shot!

Thanks for all the comments guys :slight_smile:

Nice angle and sense of speed here…

Gotta agree here.

Couple of new shots. I seem to get new shots everyday at the moment. Expect to see quite a bit of the Ferrari FF in my gallery, I’m not exactly sure why but I seem to have fallen in love with that car over the last couple of years. Must be that V12 I guess…

Another quick update with a couple of new cars I’ve got.

Really enjoyed this little shoot with the new BMW M2