Darksyde Custom looking for serious Talented Gamers

Welcome to DarksYde Customs
Here at DarksYde we will try to provide the best quality of work for you the Forza community.
You will find promotions for upcoming events, contest giveaways, exclusive paints, along with behind the scenes work from our creative team here at DarksYde Customs.

Let me introduce the crew of DarksYde Customs:

Painter/Tuner: Frozen Glow
Painter: StarTrekTexan
Painter/Driver/ Drifter: SmokinBuddy
Painter: RJT625
Painter/Club Leader: Nighstalker II
Tuner: Mr.TuneUp

We are in our earliest stages of gathering the finest of talents from Forza.
Join our potent dynamic crew, DarksYde will always extend our talent pool to form the best club on Forza.
If you are interested please feel free to send over information about joining our fine team.

Social Media

Here at DarksYde Customs communication is the corner stone of our network, without you the fans of Forza their is no DarksYde or any other club for that matter, a concept DarksYde refuse to ignore.
With the like of social media with in reach we have multiple ways for our potential fans to stay in constant communication with the crew.

Facebook: Darksyde Customs
Twitter: click here
Website: click here

Forza only?

DarksYde Custom will look into other racing titles in the future to explore the possibilities of expanding or club beyond the walls of Forza, but the main hub of our club we always remain with Turn10 FM.
If your interested in joining I recommend sending Nighstalker ll a private message or visit our website right above, only a click away.
This club is new and hungry but we have a strong core of veterans that have been around since day one. (Forza 1)