Damage Repair Stat

I didn’t play Forza 5 (last game I played was Forza 4), and I was wondering if there was a damage stat anymore. In F4, there was a stat that tracked the total CR used to repair damage accrued in your races. Does this stat still exist?

I notice a lot of stats have been removed, but I’m wondering if there are stats being stored somewhere I haven’t checked. I know about the stats you can access in the top right hand corner of the main lobby (My Stats/Drivatar Stats), but is that the only place? I’m a bit of a stats fanatic and was wondering if stats like the damage thing can be found elsewhere.

Thank you for your responses!

I must say I don’t know, I’m not hugely bothered by those sort of stats, maybe someone else who knows will post.

I’ve got to ask why do you need stats for damage?

No there is no stats for credits spent on damage. I think the main reason for it is because of the lack of credits spent on damage… :wink:




That’s true. I didn’t even think of that. It’s just as a whole the stats available in this game have decreased significantly. Other than collisions and major collisions, do they track any of that stuff at all (suspensions destroyed, etc.)?

Damage has continually declined as an important factor in Forza.

In Forza 3, you could lose a significant amount of your winnings to repair damage. FM4, it was less so. I haven’t played FM5, but FM6 doesn’t even take any credits away for damage, even if you’re using simulation damage. One of many reasons Drivatars and people online have no problems wrecking like crazy and trying stupid maneuvers. There’s no penalty for doing so.

yeah when I think of it, it was a good way to make people learn to drive clean. I will put it up in the wishlist thread :wink:

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