Daily open drift sessions RWD XB1

Hey guys. Just trying to set up drift sessions with as many people as possible. Basically I start a session 1-2 times a day and let everyone in (RWD preferred). The reason almost anyone gets in is to try and grow the forza drift community. Not everyone is a pro right? So if you want to join in with us when we do, add me on XBL and just pop me a message when you wanna join in. you’ll get an invite back within 60 seconds. Or you can also follow me on twitch if you’d like the email for when its up and going for accuracy. Not trying to self promote here. Just trying to get as many people in a game drifting at a time as possible! Also newbies are encouraged to ask me for advice on drifting, difficulties, tuning, courses and anything else drifting! (I’m not the best. But I’m damn good.)

TL;DR: Add me on XBL or twitch, message me when you see me on and get invited. I give advice on all things drift and love to tandem.

My XBL is IamRemnant
Twitch is Twitch

hope to see you guys on there!

(i’m not on at the moment. just finished an all morning session. be back on later today!)

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Cool man, I’ll hit you up when I get home to see if you are online. Should be in about an hour or so.

yo man can i add you and join in about a hour also? I drift every day and want some people to practice tandems with

absolutely guys don’t bother to ask adding me just do it! i’ll be running one today around 12pm EST