Daily Challenge Time not updating and corrupt ‘my tune’ images

Hi I’m new to the forum so I’m not sure if this has been answered already.

If you load Horizon 4 via ‘Quick Resume’ the time left to the next daily challenge is still the same as when you left the game. The only way I can fix this is to close down the game fully each time and not use Quick Resume. Also, upgrading Horizon from the One X has left all of the thumbnails in the ‘My Tunes’ section corrupted. Any ideas anyone?

Thanks. Spindrift UK.

I have this same issue on Quick Resume.

Quick Resume with FH4 seems hit or miss, about 50% success rate I’d say. Each time I do join with QR I have to quit the game to reload (at least that’s fairly quick) but defeats the purpose of QR.

This morning I QR into Winter, after the season timer should have reset. So it’s all the in-game “realtime” pieces that are bugged in QR. I don’t see the issue logged in the FH4 known bugs.

When it occurs I am connected to a Horizon Life session, I’ve also tried completing a race to see after a reload it would “correct” but no luck.