Daihatsu Storia X4 2000-2004

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Probably the only homologation car i know of that used a modified kei-car engine for it’s power output, 0.7L I4 putting out 118bhp

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Would be good to add as a traffic car. But as a playable car? I can think of better cars for that slot

Go on GT4 and drive it then, it’s superb to drive

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I don’t have a PlayStation

Go grab PCSX2 and find a copy of Gran Turismo 4 online somewhere, like Amazon, then you can look up how to rip that copy onto your PC, after that, follow a setup guide for PCSX2 and you should be good to go


Oh right, emulators. I should look into that. Thanks :slight_smile:

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You should, the game looks great on PCSX2 at 3x Resolution Scaling

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(This is my personal copy of the PAL version)

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One of the best sleepers around, super underated little Pocket Rocket that kinda came out of nowhere.

Was very popular in Japanese Domestic Rallies for a while where the small size and lightweight was really handy for some of the Twisty Mountain Tarmac Stages.

It was originally intended for the JRC and the small Kei Car engine was so it could fit into the 1L Category.

I can’t find an Official Source for the Production Numbers but estimates seem to be that around 800 of the X4 Variant were produced.

4WD and the 700cc I4 Turbo mentioned by Sechs was a potent combo and proved very successful.

Power was around 118hp as mentioned by Sechs (~90kw), Torque was at a pretty good 128 N.m (94 ft-lbs) but the weight was only about 840kg (1852lbs) meaning it had a very good P/W Ratio and acceleration was enhanced by a 5-Speed Manual Gearbox.

0-100kph in roughly 8s with a Top Speed of just under 190kph.

Here’s a Front/Rear View of the Road Version


And here’s the JRC Rally Car

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Without a Livery