CWAD New 2023 Championship "A History of Motorsport"

CarWars AutoDuelists is running an homologation championship titled “A History of Motorsport” started on June 4th 2023 and is still looking for new drivers of all skill levels.

For the historical homologation championship, we take the oldest car in each division and assemble races in that order. IE.: The oldest car in the game is the 1926 Bugatti in The Birth of Grand Prix division. So for event 1, you must build a Birth of Grand Prix car while keeping it homologated to A625 class. The following event, the next oldest car in the next division is the 1932 Ford in the Hot Rod Revival division, so you must build a Hot Rod Revival car and keep it homologated to D375 class. Each week adds a new division to the championship and eliminates the temporarily previous one.

As far as league rules go, all CarWars AutoDuelists league rules apply: No tinted windows. Cars must have your driver name and number (real name or gamertag) clearly visible on both left and right sides of the car, additional is acceptable. You must have your country of residence flag in front of your name. Your car must bare the league name CarWars or CarWars AutoDuelists. If you belong to additional leagues/clubs, you can put that on your car in addition to your or the official shared CWAD decals. All builds, tunes and paints must be self-made or shared by a current CarWars league member. (I will share at least one tune for each division). This championship will use the standard CarWars AutoDuelists 10 point system: 1-3 points for qualifying, 1-3 points for time-trialing and 1-10 points for each race of the evening.

If you’d like to participate, PM me here or on Xbox Live.

RandyTessier #74 Canada
Nooma341 #24 Canada
RustableWizard #105 USA
CMyLizards #67 USA
CHUBB589 #14 USA
Greentrees #33 UK

CARWARS AutoDuelists presents:
“A History of Motorsport”
Remaining Events:

Division 3 - Vintage Sport Coupe - C450H
Division 4 - Vintage GT Racing - A650H
Division 5 - Vintage Sport Compact - D400H
Division 6 - Major Micros - E250H
Division 7 - Nostalgic Drag Racers - B550H
Division 8 - Historic Road Racing - C475H
Division 9 - Prototype Group Racing - R850H
Division 10 - Open Wheel Legends - S780H
Division 11 - Vintage Sport GT - C500H
Division 12 - Classic Street Muscle - C500H
Division 13 - Formula 70’s - P925H
Division 14 - Early Sports Touring - B525H
Division 15 - Showroom Rally - B525H
Division 16 - Vintage Off Roaders (pending)
Division 17 - Rally Heroes
Division 18 - GT Racing Reborn
Division 19 - Hot Hatch Genesis
Division 20 - Rebirth of Muscle
Division 21 - Sport Compact Icons
Division 22 - Rise of the Supercar
Division 23 - Sport GT Icons
Division 24 - Early Prototype Racers
Division 25 - Early Sport Luxury
Division 26 - Formula 90’s
Division 27 - Formula Drift & Hoonigan Racing (pending)
Division 28 - Factory Elite Racers
Division 29 - Hot Hatch Icons
Division 30 - Track Toys (pending)
Division 31 - Sport Touring Icons
Division 32 - Supercar Renaissance
Division 33 - Modern Off Roaders (pending)
Division 34 - Forza GT
Division 35 - Sport GT
Division 36 - Modern SUV (pending)
Division 37 - Sport Compact
Division 38 - Sport Coupe
Division 39 - Sport Luxury
Division 40 - Exotic GT
Division 41 - Forza P2/P1
Division 42 - Hypercars
Division 43 - Modern Hot Hatch
Division 44 - Off Road Buggies / Trophy Trucks (pending)
Division 45 - Sport Touring
Division 46 - Mazda MX5s
Division 47 - Forza Touring Cars
Division 48 - Formula E - (pending)
Division 49 - Supercars Championship
Division 50 - Forza Group Rally
Division 51 - NASCAR
Division 52 - IndyCar

Some of these divisions may be combined into multiclass races, while some maybe combined into single class races if their respective homologation classes equal out. Racers will be notified at least one week in advance in this situation.

A History of Motorsport ~ Week 1

Division 1: The Birth of Grand Prix - A625H
We grabbed Birth of Grand Prix cars and built them up to A625 homologated for that division. We took them to Le Mans’ Old Mulsanne circuit to race both day and night for 30 minutes each. Preweek Qualifying was Le Mans Old Mulsanne Wet and the Time Trial was Bugatti Circuit Day.
Sunday June 4th 2023 Results:
1st #24 Nooma341 1939 AutoUnion Type D +25 (25 Championship Point Total)
2nd #74 RandyTessier 1957 Maserati 250F +20 (20)
3rd #33 Greentrees 1939 MercedesBenz W154 +19 (19)
4th #105 RustableWizard 1932 AlfaRomeo 8C +17 (17)
5th #14 CHUBB589 1934 AlfaRomeo P3 +15 (15)
6th #67 CMyLizards 1939 Maserati 8CTF +8 (8)

Division 2: Hot Rod Revival - D375H
We grabbed some Hot Rod Revival cars and built them up to D375 homologated. We took them to Circuit de Spa Francochamps to qualify in the rain. We had the choice of racing it today or the previous events A625H Birth of Grand Prix car but everyone drove their HHRs so the BoGP cars are temporarily eliminated from the championship for the time being. For the races we did back to back events of Spa in the day and night.
Thursday June 8th Results:
1st #33 Greentrees 1958 Plymouth Fury +23 (42)
2nd #105 RustableWizard 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air +16 (33)
3rd #67 CMyLizards 1932 Ford 5-Window Deluxe +16 (24)
4th #74 RandyTessier 1946 Ford Super Deluxe Wagon +13 (33)

A History of Motorsport ~ Week 2
Division 3: Vintage Sport Coupe - C450H

Grab your favourite Vintage Sport Coupe and get it to C450 homologated and take it to Silverstone Grand Prix daytime to qualify. Once qualified you can either race it now or save it until the next event and fall back to your Hot Rod Revival car from the previous race. Live time trial will be the GP circuit at night. The races themselves will be both the National and International circuits in the rain.

Qualifying opens: Thursday June 8th 2023 at 10:00pm eastern time.
Qualifying closes: Sunday June 11th 2023 @ 5:00pm eastern time.
Racing begins: Sunday June 11th 2023 @ 6:00pm eastern time.

Division 4: Vintage Sport Coupe - C450H
Grab a Vintage Sport Coupe and get it to C450 homologated and qualify with it at _______. This time theres no second bucket. Its all stick all in their favourite coupes!

Qualifying opens: Sunday June 11th 2023 at 10:00pm eastern time.
Qualifying closes: Thursday June 15th 2023 @ 5:00pm eastern time.
Racing begins: Thursday June 15th 2023 @ 6:00pm eastern time.