CUVs needed

I notice there are all makes models and classes of vehicles in this game. From 3 wheeled rolling briefcases to land yahts but…no CUVs. Everything else gets the love but no CUVs can be found in FH5 that I have seen. I know that CUVs dont bring thoughts of high octane or off road prowess but why are they not in the game? The FH5 team is obviously tight with Ford so why not add the Ecosport? They are tight with GM so where is the Traxx? We got Mazda so where is the CX3? I mean CUVs are big right now so where are they at? I have a 2018 Ecosport SES 2.0L with 4wd. I would love to drive that in FH5. Do all the things i cant afford to IRL. Ive seen lowered, lifted, racing even offroad versions coming out of India. There were even some custom ones at a SEMA show. Please consider adding CUVs to the game…PLEASE