Cut the Forza Motorsport content back and focus on quality? - Let FH5 do quantity.

Hi all, it’s a bit of a shame we didn’t see anything new at E3 for Motorsport but I’m happy for the bun to stay in the oven longer if it means a tasty game :slight_smile:

I’m thinking (hoping) they double down on the actual racing this time and not get caught up with needing 100’s of cars and upgrades etc (focus more on real setups and make content about how to do it and have multiple starting setups for cars like ACC).

It would make sense to cut this games content back and focus on quality imo. I know allot of people like the 100’s of cars and engine swaps etc BUT Forza has another well established franchise in Horizion for that type of collecting, upgrading, cruising etc and as we have seen today another great instalment on the way in FH5.

I wouldn’t be supprised if Turn 10’s nose is a little out of joint with seeing the successes of GT Sport (PS4/5) and ACC (on PC) which are both are more focused games with less content to polish/balance and are more centered on actual racing (I know that sounds weird but I think you get what I mean).

GT Sport has completely overshadowed Forza for ESports for example. Hell it’s even in the olympics and when you watch GT Sport ESports in the studios they set up they are using wheels which makes it feel more like a sport. In contrast when you see Forza ESports it’s a controller and gaming chair. It just looks a bit crap in comparison.

I would hope if they do a big push on ESports then they could have both controller and a wheelbase competitions to appeal to both player types.

Now with all the extra dev time leading to improvemtnst like the 8 points of contact tire model and 360hz physics update rate they have the chance to appeal to the couch drivers and the sim rig drivers and push more into the sim market too - the tricky bit is the ballance of controller vs wheelbase if they can get that right that one isn’t destroying the other or find a good why to keep them separate if people want, like wheel only lobbys then I can’t see why they can set them self up to be taken more serously as a PC sim as well as a damn good console game.

They have the tech to do it in the Forzatech engine. It could be class if used to its full potential and now they have the power with the Series X/S to produce a game with physics PC players would accept as a sim.

They definitely need to stay with the plan of Series X/S up though and make sure too keep Xbox One cut out. SONY is making a mistake with GT7 now being for PS4 up from what I’ve seen online as they just won’t have the CPU power for top class physics.