Customized Music to What Extent?

So it is a fact that music of your choice can be played via One Drive or Groove Music. It is also stated that events can be customized to the point that you can music of your choice.

Is this limited to only music already inside the game? These events and bucket lists will be shared to others…

Which leads to another question: Can players share their custom soundtrack in any way?

… which leads to one final question (lol): Will there be filter or some type of warning on shared music that states that the certain music is “explicit?”

Im quite surprised nobody answered this… lol. Ah well, I’ll find out in about a month :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, most of my lists would fall under that, so I would hope so. Don’t want the kiddies hearing things they shouldn’t.

. . . I couldn’t stop laughing as I wrote that. XD