anyone tell me if any of the pagani’s are good to customize i.e engine etc. or any other suggestions of cars? i already have adventador , laferrari and koenigsegg and hennesey venom

I have both the Pagani Zonda and Huayra. I have upgraded them both with all of the obvious upgrades that only improve stats but I have also equipped them both with all wheel drive. When you look at the out of ten stats, this upgrade appears to increase launch and acceleration by multiple points and reduce the speed drastically. If you would like to have what in my opinion are the best Paganis to drive, switch them to awd, upgrade all engine stats, and most importantly, go to tune settings and decrease final drive to its lowest possible level. This will give you the same top speed (nearly 270mph) that you had previous to the awd upgrade and the only cost will be that it appears to have a low speed in the stats section.