Customizable Multiplayer maps?

Since its open-world and the last FH maps were all in the map, I feel like it would be a lot more fun and enjoyable if there were a function to choose exactly where on the open-world the map were, for instance, in a game of Infected. So you could pick a Forza map or you could pick custom and then it would give you like a big circle or square to move around the open world and place down as the boundaries of the custom map. I think it would add a lot more re-play value because as it is I get bored of the multiplayer maps. Seems like 75% of lobbies are all Beaumont anyway…

Custom maps would be excellent. They could incorporate a designer using a series of waypoints. Set the start then each turn and dictate where the finish is, or perhaps lay down the start and finish and the game would give you an option of a few different routes if you were to want a circuit or a point to point race.


if there are 700 events and be able to create your own races online map wise my head might explode with joy! this is a great idea. Always wanted that instead of always having tracks picked

I was talking about Infected and other playground gametypes in my OP haha, but custom waypoint races would be awesome, you could make custom drift maps and save the settings, that would be fantastic.

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It would be quite cool if u could make the route of your own custom made race.Say if i was making a circuit race and i wanted to do a le mans but if there aren’t any races that are in le mans,i can go on track start and finsh my custom lemans track!