Customisable control layout please Turn10

+1 I too support a update for fully custom controller option.


I’m with you OP. A guy that races in our league has serious need of this as well. I think it would be a great thing if we could help make it happen.

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To fire up this thread again I will start here,

Having posted in threads here and on you get very little traffic so these threads do not get noticed and sink to the bottom of the pile. I have also sent e-mails to which you only get an automated response which basically directs you back to the forums.
I can just go round in circles and I’m getting nowhere!

Now if you look at the response to the no collision lobby’s then you see that you need a high volume of traffic for something to be implemented. My case is this please help an avid gamer out, without the Forza faithful I am just fighting a losing battle.

I don’t want to give this game up but without your help I may have to because because my thirst for speed is no longer being quenched.

Please as I have said before just give a +1 in a reply because I am now down on my hands and knees begging!

I have no other options but YOU who reads this.

Once again thanks for your time.


I come from a pc gamer background, and there’s not many games you can’t customise the world out of the controlling mechanisms this should be looked at.

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Thanks snyper this is too true.


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It’s probably a good sign that the thread isn’t closed, with a request to move the issue to a wishlist thread. Frankly, this is one issue that I personally believe shouldn’t be shunted off to such a thread, even if we operate under the assumption of those threads being read by T10, word for word, in their entirety. This really is an important issue for many in this world, especially with events involving Iraq and Afghanistan being so prominent in recent history. I believe this truly does deserve special recognition, if only in my opinion.

Perhaps some of the other regulars around here may have noticed my tendency for random production of wordy posts, often filled with what I most likely considered to be some level of deep thought at the time. Indeed, this is one of those posts.

Unfortunately, these post are generally the product of mild euphoria, induced by doctor prescribed pain management, of which I will likely be subject to for the remainder of my days. On the fortunate side, I have all my parts where they are supposed to be, but in my case, let’s just say my Leg/hip is not up to factory specifications these days. The damage is enough that the use of chairs is no longer really an option. Even if it wasn’t painful to do so, the position involved can easily cause problems with pinched nerves, has well has blood circulation, and cause further complications. I spend most of my days on a mass of blankets and cushions, placed upon the floor instead. Frankly, sitting in a chair, much less a car, for any but the shortest of periods of time, can be torture personified.

I truly do count myself has lucky. I can still walk, if only with a cane. I can still do most things I set my mind to. Really, there are plenty that have things far more difficult to overcome than I. But it is that glimpse of what could have been that causes my to feel truly passionate about the issue of disabilities. (I don’t even like the word “disabilities”, but I am at a loss for any other description.) It is for that reason that I now add my voice to this. I feel that a mere “+1” simply does not suffice.

My only regret is that I don’t have more to offer than this 1:00am ramble.


Thanks for replys but I could really use more support on this subject.

Please just post that you agree, hundreds have read this thread - please help!

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One more thing… the above was about getting a custom layout for Xbox 360 Forza 4. If you add a Cronus Max adapter to the ones i’ve discussed above, Forza 5 on the Xbox One should also be good to go (if you configure it properly). This adapter is around $55 to $60…

In fact, ive thought of another way to do it: Connect the Pelican Retroshock 2 or Run 'n Drive controller (the wireless version will probably be the best one) to a Mayflash Universal PS2 to PS3 adapter to create a PS3 controller output. These can be had in Ebay for $17 or $18. This will then have its usb end plugged into the Cronus Max (once it’s been configured to convert a PS3 controller to Xbox One). Now your programmable PS2 controller should work on Forza 5.

Sorry i didn’t make this more clear last evening.

Another thing- you can add one more potentially good PS2 triggered controller that has programmabilty to the list: the Gamester FPS Master. This one is definitely compatible with the Mayflash Universal controller adapter, but not with the adapter i referenced in the Youtube video yesterday. The FPS Master shows up regularly on Ebay and you may still find it available by shopping on retail websites.

I will try this all out and see for sure if it all will go together and allow for that custom layout you’re seeking. Later.

I may have a solution for you. Buy a kinda rare controller called the Thrustmaster PS2 PS3 Run 'n Drive along with a PS2 to Xbox 360 controller converter which is shown here: How to connect your Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) DualShock controller to your Microsoft Xbox 360 console - YouTube. (Go to 11 min and 09 seconds in.) The converter can be had for around $16 shipped on Ebay these days.

You might notice some peculiar things about the Thrustmaster controller: 1) it comes in wired and wireless versions. I have only tested the wired version which is a greyish blue color. 2) it has a unique steering dial around the d-pad. I don’t find it helpful to use it to steer, so i use the left thumbstick instead. 3) it is a fully programmable controller, letting you take any button or trigger and reprogram to any other button. 4) it is pretty much the only PS2-compatible controller with true triggers. 5) it rumbles when used as a PS2 controller, but not when used as a PS3 controller.

Plug the PS2 end of the controller into the PS2 to 360 Converter. Plug it into the 360. Set up Forza 4’s controller configuration to be configuration 12. Program the controller’s RT to represent Lb. Now you have what you want. You can also do this with a Pelican Retroshock 2 programmable PS2 controller, but it has L2 and R2 buttons instead of triggers and it lacks the steering dial… but it is easier to come across on Ebay.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: