Customisable control layout please Turn10

Ok so as I have mentioned on these forums as before I am a partially disabled gamer with limited use of my left hand.

Looking at I think it is 13 controller layouts to choose from they are all designed for the perfect abled bodied person with 10 fingers and 10 toes. Now all these set ups dictate what buttons I have to use and all the layouts require lb/lt and rb/rt to either accelerate and brake or gear up and gear down.

Now my left hand is a stump with 1 finger and I cannot possibly steer my car and use a downshift or brake while using the left analog stick. I use setup 12 which is left stick steer and right stick accelerate/brake now I could use rb and rt in this circumstance to gear up and gear down but again it has to be lb and rb.

If I could assign my own controls I would be much faster better at controlling my car and have much more fun because using auto and going in the hoppers is not fun

I used to play 3 and 4 on my fanatec using sequential and clutch and I was much faster but I cannot afford to buy another wheel just for this.

I also hate to say this but that ps3 racing game will let me assign my own controls but I don’t want to play that 1 i want to play this one.

I know this will go over most peoples heads but is there anywhere else I can go with a request like this. Please don’t just disregard this post if you are a gamer because I have been gaming for 20 years and I reall need help or people to listen.

Thanks for your time.


Please just post a reply in support guys. I know this affects a very small percentage of people but can make a huge difference to these few.
Again thanks.

I am very sorry about your condition and I fully support you in your attempt to get custom controls. Also nice gamertag, I assume you are a Smokey and The Bandit fan.

a small update that can make a huge impact in some peoples life. t10 please look into this, seems simple to implement with little effort

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i broke some fingers on my left hand and can relate. i had to run auto brakes for a while. dont be afraid to use the assists, thats what they are there for. yes auto brakes are slower but you would be suprised how many time you medal online from passing people when they dont brake going into a corner and fly off the track. some people will yell at you when the auto brakes kick in on a corner they can make without braking and call you synonyms for incompetent, just tell them you are having to drive one handed with a controler and they are still behind you so you prefer not to take their advice. if you want advice you’ll take it from someone ahead of you not behind you.

and the thing i dont get is the 360 wheels will run on a pc and the xbox1 is running windows 8 so there is no reason for the wheels not to work via usb, its just money gouging. maybe you can write them a letter and tell them they are discriminating against the disabled and they’ll help you out with a wheel or drivers for your old wheel.

you also might want to look into cronusmax. while the performance isn’t 100% (no rumble) it will let you use your fanatec wheel on the xbox one. Games - Сontrollermax its $60 but that a heck of alot cheaper than a new wheel.

Programming of the Xbox controllers are in the area for Xbox LIVE and related hardware. It might be better posting the request here: I, too, have a problem using a controller because of surgery (twice broken left wrist/thumb joint) which wasn’t successful. I have a hard time playing for more than about 10 minutes at a time, or turning to the right using the left thumb stick.

Ok Snowowl, I have created a thread in the mentioned forum but these forums do not have much traffic in them at all. I also posted in the Microsoft forza forum but just 1 person basically wishing me luck in my quest. I’m just really dissapointed and feel that this kind of thing only falls on deaf ears.

We have had yet another update which cannot include something as such a simple request?

What other channels can I follow mainly official ones because requests from forums don’t get answered. Things are only implemented when everybody kicks up a stink about it, so i am basically just a speck of dust in a tornado that no one will notice.

Please help me people :frowning:

snow hold the stick steady with your left thumb and steer by raising or lowering the left side of the controler. tune your car to compensate if you have to. it’ll let you play alot longer without that ache building up or feeling like you got shot in the hand with a taser.

If it were only that easy, I would. Believe me.

As for “adaptors” working with older wheels, the drawback is there’s no force feedback. If you want to drive without feeling rumble strips or undulations of the road, by all means use them. I’ll wait until the proper wheel is affordable.

Back in 3 and 4 I only used tcs as an assist but that was because of the setup of the wheel and I was very good if I do say so myself. I don’t need auto brake because I can use the right analog stick for accelerate and brake and left to turn.
While this is ok it does not get me round the track as fast as I used to because there is no possibility of using engine braking and revs in my favour.

My 12 year old nephew has started playing the game and he uses controller layout 12 as I use it but he can actually use manual and he is not bad either.

Surely it is upto Turn 10 to implement in the controller section of the game.

Not only do I want to play the game but I want to play at the pace I’m used to and auto transmission does not offer that.

Gotta love smokey and the bandit also, but I am little older than some of the people here (but not old).
Thanks for the replys.

Agreed, I would love to see this update. This type of option has been around for decades in other games. I feel like I have to learn a new layout everytime a new version of Forza releases.

How do I correspond directly with Turn 10 .
I see this an an only option to get any sort of ball rolling because it is them that need to implement this.

You can write them at the regular email address: However, your best avenue would be the contact with Xbox folks, as I posted earlier. They are the ones who set up the functionalities of the controllers, not Turn 10. The developments of Forza Motorsport create the game itself, not how controllers behave and they would need to alter the Xbox LIVE-wide standard functions.

OP isn’t asking for a change to how the controllers behave. He is simply asking for button remapping in the game. I agree that we should be able to customize button layout. Killer Instinct on Xbox One allows the player to assign any punch/kick to any button on the controller.


Ok Snowowl I will give it a shot and see how I go.

I just know there will be a lot of tape to cut through on something like this.

The Xbox LIVE side of the operations is where you should go. In fact, the latest Xbox One updates included another controller update, but it was primarily just for communications and its internal firmware, so to speak.

Again, this is NOT something each individual game studio does, it is through Xbox LIVE and their hardware section.

Thanks again for your reply but I posted in that hardware forum and I get no replies and even if I do it’s just a"good luck in your quest" reply.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful for your help because this is not true because ultimately these places just discuss things between fellow gamers and a discussion is not a solution. And ultimately a thread like this no matter where I post it just gets lost as it slips down the pile!

I feel for your situation and hope there is a resolution reached that works in your favor.

Perhaps you could seek out others with difficulties similar to your own and get them to rally to your cause. Perhaps you could also draft some sort of petition and hopefully with enough participants it would arouse corporate-level interest. Sometimes our voices are louder when they’re in unison with others. (Just a couple ideas off the top of my head.)

I realize that it may feel like a daunting task to have your voice heard, but I feel in this situation if you are persistent, if you keep making more people aware about the issue, then eventually someone in a position of influence is sure to see it and want to help.

Good luck, and I apologize for not having any better ideas for you, but I will stand with you in your cause to make people aware of this. I don’t know what it takes to include the option in the game, but in my opinion it would be absolutely worth it in order to make the game more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

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Please people can I have more support on this subject it is you the gamers that make a difference. One man cannot stand up against an army, but please even if this does not affect you stand up for my cause because this is the only place I’m getting noticed. If you want the fair racer and the guy who is not going to ram you and all that you hate about online racing then I’m your man.

Please just take one minute out of your day and post a reply even if this does not affect you.

I could start picking peanuts out of poo with this game but I just want what should be in it any way.

I’m going to to say that if I use control setup 12 which does not allow me to use manual gears gears and therefor impedes my go faster because stripes do not help that also when I try and apply decals to my cars the car slowly spin around. Now if I put it on control method 1 the car does not move at all when applying decals. Now although this is a minor bug this is also a grievance which is overlooked because there are many great painters out there and I could have there paints but I would like to apply my own also 99% of this community probably use control method 1. There is clearly faults from within this game which I am willing to overlook. But shunning people is not a fault of the game it is a fault of people.

I would like to do what you enjoy and what I enjoy also.

Please just reply with a +1 so that this thread gets noticed.

If you mods could do the same because I feel some voices are louder than others and you guys are here for a reason.

Please reply. I thank you for your time once again.

I’ll support this, I have no disabilities but I too hate that we can only pick pre-sets now, it seems utterly stupid given that there’s no reason for this to be the case.

For the record I use layout 1 with handbrake/clutch reversed, why? because then I can have super quick shifts as I can press gear up/gear down and the clutch with my thumb at the same time.

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