Custom designs not locked

Just a quick question… I’m seeing a lot of car designs using custom logos not available in the common library and they are sharing them … i.e. They are not locked. Every time I import anything from the storefront it says my design will be locked. So how do they do it?

To my knowledge, anything shared … vinyl groups or designs … are locked and cannot be unlocked. How do you know that anyone is sharing unlocked vinyls? (Because I have not seen or heard of that and I’m in the game or on the forums every day.) Can you show where someone has downloaded an unlocked vinyl? Are you sure that the painters aren’t creating the logos and decals themselves and using them in their designs? There are some people around here that can create logos so accurately that you can’t tell them from the real thing.

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I’ve got a few logos that I use on my car that I did myself in the create vinyl. Jegs, Hurst Shifters, Hooker Headers, Moroso, the Moon Eyes, twitch, a few more. I know a few people that have many others. It takes time but that’s how it’s able to be shared.

Shared vinyl groups and full designs can be put on cars and then sold through the AH (not in Storefronts)
not unlocked…