Current Issues with Storm Island 50% VIP discount - Fix rolling out now

Still shows full price for me as well. I bough the ultimate edition, that already came with VIP, not separately. Could it be because of that?

I can confirm that the VIP discount worked for me, I’m in Atlantic Canada.

If you’re not seeing the VIP discount can you tell me how you purchased the Horizon 2 VIP, as part of the Ultimate edition, or seperately.

Ultimate edition for me.

Ultimate edition for me as well.
When I manage the game, I can still the 4 parts of the Ultimate edition (game, VIP, Car Pass, Bonus Car Pack), but no discount.

I brought it separately about a month ago.

I got it through the ultimate edition
Still no discount

alright i have the pack, but where’s the update.

Bought the Deluxe edition and have the exact same situation as MadDragon! Also I get for. ex. wheelspin VIP bonuses so atleast the game sees my VIP as installed.

I bought the deluxe edition and haven’t seen the discount in the store or a link in the game menus for Storm Island. Still patiently waiting to get my volcano on :smiley:

same here. I bought the deluxe edition and then VIP. It’s still showing in the store as 19.99. TAKE MY 9.99!! lol

I am VIP via Ultimate Edition, and the price is still $19.99. Any Idea when this will be resolved?

I got the Deluxe edition. When searching for the vip on my console it shows as installed instead of a price, but on the marketplace the vip shows the price like I still need to buy it. I think thats probably why the Storm Island is still showing full price. :frowning:

Just checked on the marketplace and it’s finally down to £7.99 :smiley:

i have the ultimate edition and the same issue. No discount for me

bought without issue and now i dont have access to it why

Forza Horizon 2 Ultimate Edition (digital) and price didn’t drop except for the Forza Horizon 2 Deluxe Edition pack (79€99 instead of 89€99)…maybe there’s the mistake

Bought Ultimate Edition, $19.99 still both in the xbox store on the console and my smartglass app.

Downloaded,but it doesnt appear anywhere ingame… some issues?

Same her, no discount. Digital deluxe Edition inc. VIP.