Curious about a gifted car

I just turned on my console and loaded up Forza 6… After going through the Drivatar rewards, design and tuning rewards, and downloading the 500,000 credits from Turn 10 for redeemed rewards from Forza Rewards, I was gifted a car. It is a 2014 Chevrolet #3 Corvette Racing Corvette C7.R with custom livery, with Professional Racing and Modern GT Racing decals on it.

I’m just curious on how I unlocked this car? Was it from completing the Modern GT Racing series in Career Mode? Or from something else?

I searched the multiple car list threads, and couldn’t find anything about it. I’m not complaining about a free car, as long as I don’t need that spot for future unicorn cars. I already have the Yellow #3 C7.R from the Buy Cars list, and this one, while the exact same car, just has a different livery, and curiosity got the best of me and I had to ask.

Its the May VIP car

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Ah. That would explain it. I searched the VIP cars list too. Didn’t see it listed. Thanks for the help. It was bugging me for some stupid reason, which I’m not sure what that reason is or was. lol. Thanks again.

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I think it might be the April one
Says it just behind the front wheel
They seem to come at the end of the month now

I didn’t get any April VIP car. Neither is it listed anywhere on the forums.

it’s only just been sent out today

It’s the April VIP car. It was mentioned on twitter.

There are still VIP Cars? I did not get any Special car for months. The last one was in December or so.

I find it to be a great one, too. A couple of quick upgrades, and I am taking seconds off my best time (top 10% or better) in Rivals.

Thanks, Turn 10!

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