Cure My Boredom!

Hey guys, I’m sure some of you have seen about the pairs delay, due to my health issues, here’s the low down I’m going to be in hospital for months at a time, and I’m crazy bored, I was thinking that I could make some signatures or team banners or something to kill some time between that and planning my short film. Leave a post if you would like a sig or banner. That would be cool.


Mabey I could set a challenge to make banners for every team or something.

Cheers Joshii

Slide America - Team Thread Graphics - IN PROGRESS

GainedSpeedxs - Signature - WAITING

GrottyUK - Signature - WAITING

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All of you new(ish) teams that have threads here with no pretty graphics or anything should totally take advantage of this. Joshii does great work.

Get well soon, dude!

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Definitely not a “new-ish” team, but our thread definitely black’s graphics. As soon as Joshii has my SIG ready, my team’s thread could definitely use a graphic/“cover photo”.

Id like a sig made with this pic and logo somewhere on it, would appreciate it, hope all goes well for you in the hospital.

Hey Joshii Sorry to hear about being in hospital I was in a few months ago and it sucks, hope it is nothing too serious. If you are still free to do Sigs I would really like one if that is ok? anything with GrottyUK and a Bmw M3 would be sweet :slight_smile: also if possible could you put my team name on? It’s the Biggity Boo drift crew lol

yeah no probs

Thanks man

My sig exploded

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