Culling the herd

After accumulating way too many cars that I either don’t like or just don’t ever drive I have started to remove any car that is just in the way when it comes to trying to choose a car for online racing. I am going through them championship type by championship type and car by car and just cutting the cord. I have millions and millions of credits if I ever feel compelled to get them back. But I will be much happier when done having a smaller and cleaner garage with only the cars I really want and want to drive.

clean garage is a happy garage, however if you pre-ordered forza 6 and want to receive up to $5 million bonus credits to start within forza 6. you need minimum 300 cars in your horizon 2 garage.
same goes with forza 3, 4 and 5 and also horizon 1.

Interesting. I guess if I decide that is something I want I can make a bunch of X class cars which are totally ignorable. Out of sight out of mind :slight_smile:

Actually, you can delete those cars from your garage without it having an impact. I personally lost my gamesaves last year and had approximatly 300 cars in Forza Horizon 1 ; now, I have 170 and it counts as 536 cars, which is, I believe, the number of cars I ever had. The conclusion here is that Forza will count all the cars you ever had.

To check your number, go to Rewards, Friends Compare, and you should know what to do after.

This is good to know. It will not let me see the cars owned for Forza 3 or 4 however which is rather annoying.

thanks for the info.

I know, but the staff said it would show up soon (and it’s been two weeks).

I might need to do this too, I’ve run out of design slots which is irritating.

Would be kind of nice if we could organise them into custom folders.

i know for a fact that i have 305 cars in my forza 5 and horizon 1 garages
however comparing stats here it says i only have 165 in forza 5 and 78 in horizon 1.

for horizon 2 it says i have 305 which is correct.

i hope they sort it all out before release the date…

yeah,same here,seems the savegames and the HUB or is still not synced… i have 5x300+ cars and the HUB says i’ll earn 12,1 Million for FM 6.
same probs with gamescore on F&F and Horizon 1…