Crowd fund a car

For years now I’ve been thinking this although have never written it down so here it is. This is for any Turn 10 people who might be able to share this information and or tell me i’m dreaming. I’ve always really wanted some old Holden cars from the 70s and 80s etc in the game much like the Ford XB falcon made it in and often thought why couldn’t Turn 10 offer a service where we could crowd fund one? Imagine if Turn 10 offered a service where if you can raise $100k or whatever the figure might be they’ll produce it for the crowdfunded people and include it as a purchasable car. I reckon I could get at least 100,000 people in australia and new zealand to put their hands in their pockets to fund some old holdens. Just a thought. What care do you think you could crowd fund if Turn 10 offered this service?

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The sheer amount of DLC for the Forza games already makes Turn 10 look like a money hog to the uninitiated. Crowdfunding would just be the icing on the cake.

Alot of that is also to do with them re-using cars from older games as DLC which dont mean much to people, at least if it was crowdfunded they could say well you guys chose the car lol

It would give us more cars so I’m all for it.

Having more community involvement in the choice of DLC cars would be great, but I don’t think crowdfunding is the way to do it.

really? when GT and so on offer free updates? new cars etc? that would be ridiculous! turn10 already recycles models/cars from previous forzas as DLC’s

its not that simple. holden would have to license the cars and then turn ten would need a near mint car for all the modeling and textures, sound files, etc… . fortunantly for you holden is king of the rebadge so you can have many of the holdens from the original manufactures, and in 2 cases holdens as chevys. a list of holdens rebadges

holden name other brands
suburban chevy
volt chevy
commadore chevy ss
caprice chevy caprice
captiva opal antara
astra opal
barina opal corsa
jackaroo opal monterey
tigra opal
vectra opal
zafira opal
viva daewoo lacetti
cruze daewoo lacetti premire
epica daewoo tosca
captiva daewoo winstorm
commadore toyota lexcen
commadore chevy limina
monaro vauxhall
kingswood chevy el camino
torana chevorlet 1700
camira isuzu aska
rodeo isuzu d-max
piazza isuzu
astra nissan pulsar
gemini opel kadett
cruze suzuki ignis
nova toyota corolla
apollo toyota camry

this list is not forza specefic and i’m sure i have missed a few. but odds are there are may be holdens in the game under other names.

I don’t think this idea would really work.

You’ve got to factor in that they would need to find a mint-condition car that the owner will let them use, which requires a lot of man power to go and model anyway, which would be a complete waste of time if they couldn’t acquire licensing for the car.

Plus I would imagine T10 are constantly working on a lot of cars at once, I doubt it’d be as simple as them deciding to just go and work on another whenever they felt like it.