Cross the line first. Finish seventh

Anyone have any suggestions on this one. Changed one of my blueprint races from a lap race to a timed race. Crossed the line in first place. Had the fastest lap. Yet somehow the game had me finishing in seventh place. I got nothing for this one so im asking for help

Was it timed or checkpoint?

There are checkpoints during the race yes. Just as any other race in the game has them. I changed from laps to 10 minute timed duration

Problems seems here the lag between server and your local game.

Got that yesterday night in some forza tour races as I was in first place and nobody in sight in front of me though the list on the top right says I was the seventh placed and all of the computer drivatars were in front of me, though I overtook them all right at the start.

Was seventh untill I cross the finish line placed me on first place. All human players managed to come in at place 1-6 btw.

I don’t know exactly how the positions in timed events are calculated - is it how much distance was driven in that specific time?

Back in my multiplayer times of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 there were no timed races, but I often was reached through the grid after the race though finishing first, as the server calculates the racing time needed to complete the races and though you could be first in the race, you may not had the fastest time for the complete race, as the race itself was not in real time. Somewhat the way Forza does it with the race time and the lap time in one lap races.