CrookzR || The Gallery - M4 Mini-Set

Haven’t really posted in the media center in a long time, the last time I did was FM4. Took a couple of photos in FM5 and wasn’t really too impressed with the lighting in that game. FH2 is a completely different beast though. It’s such a beautiful game, and it’s so fun to take photos on. I shoot in real-life with Zedzilla for our blog, Higher.Level is super fun, and I wish that some of the great stuff I see here- I could replicate in real-life one day.
This is a gallery of my photos from this great game, hope you enjoy- I’ll start off with a couple of random photos.

Lovely pictures, the M4 looks so real!

Top notch Jxsey, shame theres only 2!
Looking forward to seeing more from you

+1 moooore please

Thanks guys.

Here’s another two of the M4 (these aren’t as good imo)



Nice start! Should be entertaining to see what you come up with. Ps could I grab a link for that blog? I’m intrigued

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Gave your facebook page a like, quality photos