Credits never added.

Hello there,

As I can’t find the FAQ or a place to directly contact the support, I have to post here.

My problem is, the 2nd of march, I wanted to get my rewards back on Forza HUB. A car and 600k credits.

I have succeeded to get the car but not my 600k credits… I clicked the button to get the credits, there seemed it worked but the servers have shutted down… And I still not have my credits.

How can I get the credits ? Because 600,000 CR should be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

PS. I tried to clear the cache, I tried to go back on Forza HUB from the game but still not working… The only thing I can do is to see my future rewards… Please help me.

And sorry for my english, I’m french, hope I’ll be understood.

Nobody can help ?

Nobody to give me the support email or a link to contact it ?

Reading other posts and the stickied threads at the top of this forum can give you the email address:

There is a REWARDS FAQ stickied somewhere. I can’t recall if it’s the News Section or not but it’s a good place to look.

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It is in the NEWS section - click me for Rewards FAQ and is a very useful place to visit.

BRITSKAI, have you check your in-game messages to verify whether or not you have received the credits? They are delivered via an in-game message and you need to select the option to download the credits in order for them to be added to your account. If you happen to delete the gift message, the credits are gone for good.

All gift messages also expire (and disappear) after 30 days from being received.

That doesn’t seem to be the case here, but just so you know.

Thanks a lot, I’ll try the others things before and use it in last way.

Thanks, but when I look to it, it says the rewards won’t be re-gifted but as I never had it…

Thanks but I use to get rewards, BUT here I never received the message to get my credits, because the servers had shutted down.

It’s good to know but NO, here, I go on Forza HUB the 2nd of march, clicked to get the CR and never received the message to get my CR…

Hey there,

Check the in-game message centre in Horizon 2 for a message regarding these missing credits.

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I finally got my 600 000 CR, after 15 days, I don’t know if you have made something for me but I thanks ALL of you for helping.

And so glad to see that glitches are fixed a day or an other ! TURN10, Playground Games, Microsoft, you rock !

i had a problem similar to this at the end of febuary i tiered up and i recieved credits for that but i never got credits for march