Crashing When In Horizon Life

After taking a break from playing because my game kept crashing every 15-90 minutes I decided to just continue with the “campaign” side of things. It seems that when I’m in Horizon Solo I have no issues with the game crashing whatsoever, as soon as I try to connect to a Horizon Life session I either 1; can’t find / connect to a session or 2; crash after 15-30 minutes of play. I know it’s not down to my internet as I have no issue with any other game nor do I have issues with any other devices connected to the same network. Anyone able to shed some light on a possible fix or what could be causing the issue? Any help would be hugely appreciated as it’s annoying not being able to do anything with friends.

Please submit a ticket here and include as much information as possible regarding when and what point of the game the crash happens. If it’s coming up with an error code, please also reference thing or provide screenshots.