Crashes when leaving garage

PLEASE HELP!! Forza has been crashing every time I leave the garage. It all started after I downloaded Storm Island, of which i couldn’t even play the game. I have done everything to fix this issue, deleting Storm Island, deleting my profile data and redownloading it, and as a last resort deleted the game and redownloaded it. Long story short it keep happening and is incredibly irritating. Anymore suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also had anyone else had the problem?

Did you try to completely shut down the XBox and restart it? Maybe there is some problem with the RAM, complete shutdown would clear it.

Yes, i tried it last night but still the same issue. Getting really annoyed with it and its making want to not play the game.

Problem has been solved, i started playing this morning and it started magically working.

Good to hear it’s sorted!

I am having this same problem. If i try to enter storm island instantly frozen inside of my car. and if i try nad play regular it freezes every time i try and leave any garage. this game is worthless

While you’re in the Xbox One Dashboard, hold the Big X button on the front of the console until it shuts down.

Then UNPLUG your external power pack either from the wall or the wall-side portion of the pack. Leave it alone for maybe three minutes, making sure all power is drained from the console AND the power pack. Reconnect your power, then start up the Xbox One as you normally do and let it go through the process of checking the system and the files before you attempt to play any game or do anything else.

Then sign into Xbox Live, and try the game again.

Did this work for you?

No, I tried doing this and it has allowed me to at least change cars and tune at the main hub. But if its anywhere else then it freezes and crashes, same with storm island i can’t even play it. If Storm Island is even on my hard drive it screws it up really badly. I want a refund cause that is a metric ton of bull, if the crap i bought from them doesn’t work i should get my $10 back.