Crash - Game crashes at finish line during some races (1581306)

Yes every night its getting very frustrating, we play private lobbys with only 4 to 6 people at a time and it dashboards you back to the xbox home screen after every race. I mean every race… one at a time it will dashboard us and i feel like theyre avoiding a seriously huge issue with the game. Then when it does work out of the 6 cars your friends are in you can only see 2 of them.

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Personally I only play FM23 on my own. I have zero incentive or desire for multiplayer in this game.

But if I were to do multiplayer regularly, that would absolutely aggravate me into not playing at all until the devs brought out a consistent fix for the crashes.

(Sidenote, in case I need to clarify/edit the first post, TLDR I don’t get crashes with V-Sync OFF but I do get crashes with V-Sync ON.)

This issue needs to be one of if not the highest priority bug to fix, as it’s completely random, sometimes it’s the first race, or it’s the next.
This bug alone makes the game near impossible to play, as how can you progress if it’s crashing all the blooming time.

Hello, I just had the issue twice in a row.

The game is installed on C:
7800X3D x 4080 Super x 64GB DDR5 3600 x SSD NVMe PCiE5
(v-sync is off, twice in a row in multiplayer…)

This is the most frustrating issue ever !!
You make all your race and the game crash on the finish line, seriously !!!

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I finally just uninstalled the game and gave up. There’s no way they’ll ever fix this game, it started too broken and every time something gets fixed in an update, something is broken by the update.

Does this issue still persist after recent updates?

One endurance race yesterday, crash in the last few laps…

Another race today, Sebring again (same race from yesterday), crash in the LAST LAP!!!

PS: again, this time luckily on 8th lap.

Yes. My game locks up and then crashes when crossing the finish line or quiting a race on pc. Havent had an issue on console tho

Seems after playing the game on console has fixed the issue of the game locking up and crashing after finishing a race or quiting a race on my pc. Unfortunately i changed a few graphics settings trying to get the game to look as good as it does on my console and now the issue is back again on my pc