Crash - Crashes right after finishing freeplay races

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Content Update: Was this happening prior to the most recent content update or did it start after the update? Started with update 8. I never has a crash issue before patch 8. PC/ WIn11/RTX3090/Fanatec CSW. After a freeplay race the loading wheel appears and it continues for a few seconds and the game stops responding asking me to close and submit to MS. It has done it on every track/car combo I have tried.

Xbox, same here, also when exiting Rivals event.

XSX - also getting a crash to desktop when exiting Free Play and MP events to go back to menu. Not every time, but close to it.

Game also crashes when backing out of multiplayer events.

And the game hangs with the little windows mouse circle until it crashes to a do you want to end process tab
4 times in 3 hours plus the pause menu when racing and selecting setting lags out between tabs

Oddly enough it has stopped doing it for me. I done 10 races at least and not one freeze/crash.

Maybe it was a comms issue that was server side causing it to ctd as every move in the game it has to go off and ask is this alright :expressionless: