Couple questions

Ok guys so I ain’t played since forza 4, has ah gone now aswell as gifting cars? Also can you do drifting still? And also is drag racing still about? Could anyone else tell me all changes since forza 4 plz? Like what’s missing and what’s different etc etc thanks guys

A full outline of the changes since 4 would be a little cumbersome, some of the stickys may address. To answer your questions, gifting, auction house, marketplace are all gone. Drifting and Drag are not part of the single player campaign but have some multiplayer lobbies.

While drag is in ableit in a very limited form, there’s no Drag leaderboards anymore.

Such a shame I feel like forza 4 was better I still like forza 6 though

Reason why F3/F4 is better, and will be still better for many years to come, is everything is still there. But for my love of driving classic cars/painting I would have stayed with F4 and never bought F5 etc or the Xb1.

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