Could you rate my tune?

I tried to make my first proper tune in FH4, spent a whole day doing it, searched a lot of youtube, reddit and forza forums guides to see what should I do, decided to go with HokiHoshi’s tuning guide and started perfecting it to a point where I felt like I couldn’t do anything better, to me this tune feels great to drive and I managed to get some wins and podiums in online (not ranked) races, but I’d like to know if I could improve something or if I completely messed something up, I want to improve

Car: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio FE

I shared the tune under name “IDKHowToTune” with the same description, share code: 774 298 017



  • None, I’m sick of seeing AWD everywhere


  • Forza wing


  • Max rear tyre width

  • Max track width on both front and end


  • Race clutch

  • Race transmission

  • Race diff

Platform and Handling:

  • Race weight reduction


  • Race camshaft

  • Race turbo

Tuning: I’m using metric units


Both front and rear on the lowest pressure - I’ve seen many people say that it’s up to preference, so I decided that it would be the first thing I’d tune after finishing damping, springs and anti-roll bars, it’s probably just me, but I feel like it suits me the best, I don’t feel any difference in responsiveness with higher pressures, and it gave me a lot better results when I was tuning the gears


Final: 4.96

1st: 3.07

2nd: 1.80

3rd: 1.23

4th: 0.95

5th: 0.77

6th: 0.66

7th: 0.58

8th: 0.52

I tried to make 1st and 2nd as least wheelspiny as I could, but there’s still a bit of it, it only requires some throttle control

Should I ditch 7th and 8th and tune it as if it was 6 speed? I don’t know what to think about it


Front camber: -0.5

Rear: -1

Front toe: 0

Rear: -0.5

Caster: 5

Anti-roll bars:

Both on 33 - I have 50% weight distribution, also I made my own google sheet calculator based on the formula HokiHoshi showed in his vid


Both front and rear: 172.2 (kgf/mm no clue how to convert that, sorry)

Ride height: 2 ticks from the lowest, 9.5 cm at the front, 10.6 at the rear


Rebound: 11.5 (both)

Bump: 6.9 (nice)


100% at the rear

Braking force: 68% (using ABS), haven’t fiddled with balance, also, if I’m losing my rear during braking should I shift it a bit to the rear? Not in this car, but had several others where just slightly touching the brakes sent me spinning

Diff: both on 75%, played with them a lot but 75% felt the best for me