Could you enable option to manual shift when on automatic?


I bought a wheel, and i’m have to learn how to drive all over again.
Now i normally use manual transmission, but switched to automatic, untill i have more control over the wheel, and the gear shifter is not delivered yet.

I would like to be able to use the paddles to force the auto transmission a gear up or down, just like it works in a real car with paddles and a automatic transmission nowadays.
I crash because the car does not shift back whenever i need it too. At these moments “some”’manual control would be nice. When drifting with automatic it gets really bad haha…

Is that perhaps an thing you could implement into the game?

I can’t be the only one that would want this?


i remember in NFS Most Wanted (2005) that was a feature. that being said, it would kind of eliminate the need for an actual manual setting. it would be nice however.

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I use automatic and sometimes will want a different gear when doing lower class rivals so it would be a nice option to have (especially as this game has a peculiarity where, if you are stopped by something, it will sometimes take the game a few seconds to decide it needs to be in 1st gear and not the 4th gear it was in)


Similar thing happens in manual sometimes. You will actually see the gear change, but it will act bogged down, like you are trying to move in way to high of a gear.

In Shift 2 Unleashed you could do that. They only problem was that the car would still change gears on its own if the rev drops too low after an upshift or goes too high after a downshift.

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That’s exactly what i want, a real life dsg does that too, for instance. If it’s on automatic, you still can use the paddles to shift, but when you don’t, it should do it by itself. Only if you put it in tiptronic/manual mode, you have to shift.

Also, it would be nice to switch between different shifting modes without having to interrupt the game… Like a real car has too…
Perhaps even only the cars that have it in real life.
I’m asking too much perhaps haha… But i just love realism and immersion, and it would take the game to the next level, and it really deserves that imo. I just love cruising around and doing nothing, taking in the scenery etc. Even more realism would be amazing, in freeroam, and in events.

Also, raytracing for pc should be able to be enabled with a switch, if you have a beefy setup, instead or in addition to the cubic mapping reflections.

I’ve occasionally wished for this option, though while I’ve encountered it in a few games since I think the last time I used it was way back on the SEGA Genesis in Super Monaco GP 2.

Gearing is kind of difficulty here so it’s hard to implement.

would love to see a real automatic transmission for cruising , one that changes gear early like real world automatic

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Agreed, would be so nice in my 64 Impala lowrider.

Again - you get the choice of automatic or manual.
Why do you want to have both.
use one or the other and just get used to it.
It took me several months ( in FH3 ) to make the switch from automatic to manual and now I just can’t go back - it’s just wrong.
Use Auto if you want but if you want to change gears use Manual and stop complaining about a fundamental part of the gameplay.

With the automatic transmission option, it will only shift at or near redline - it is automated shifting, not a true stall converter automatic.

At times, I just want to cruise around, and having the automatic transmission shift around 2,400 - 2,700 rpm would be nice.

As you say, the option is to manually shift. For these circumstances I typically keep the 4 speed trans, and I just manually kick it into 4th at the start of the cruise. But you cannot do this with the auto, it will hang in first until you hit power peak.

Use the Automatic if that’s whats more comfortable.
I always get beat by controller users on automatic with the easy steering options cos it’s so much easier.
I prefer however to use a Wheel with Manual gears with Simulation steering usually with ABS & TCS Off though I tend to keep the STM on otherwise it’s too skiddery.
Problem is it’s harder to control than the basic controller settings so I always get beat.
About time they got the wheel into a more competitive choice - the re-introduction of wheel rotation setting ( like in FH4 ) would help a lot.

Some people, like myself, cannot cope with using manual all the time…I occasionally use manual when doing a C or D Class Rivals but it pushes my mental focus to it’s limit as I struggle to focus on changing gears at the same time as braking and accelerating. And, no, in my case, it’s not just a simple matter of “get used to it”. Most of the time Automatic is no impediment and I can be in the Top 20 on Rivals without too much effort but lower class cars often suffer badly with auto gears…for me, an semi-automatic gearbox where I can change gears manually on the odd moments I want to, would be useful.

But, as you say, we are not allowed to ask for things to be added to the game or wish for things to be added…well, seemingly, unless you agree with it

I agree entirely if using a controller - gear changing is confusing for me on that.
On the wheel however it’s the most natural way to drive.
Just wish they would get the wheel rotation setting back in play so I can adjust it for different types of events.

I’ve developed a technique for doing this as I’m in automatic on a keyboard, but notice that the revs sometimes drop and the car is a gear too high (6th or 7th). I keep my finger on the W key, but lower it to give the S key a short, sharp tap to force the car to change down a gear. But a means for changing down a gear in automatic for such situations without braking at the same time would be very useful in these situations.

Curiously, in FH4 you can still change gears when the game is set to manual with clutch without using the clutch – at least on a keyboard.

I would also like to have such an option.
It happens sometimes that after you hit a tree (for example in the Eliminator) the car still stays in third or even an higher gear. With automatic shifting you are lost, you have to go into reverse bevor accelerating again, later in the eliminator this will make you loose the race.

With all respect to this suggestion I would like to have another option - semi-automatic gearbox. I mean the thing when I must manual select 1th or rear gear. At this moment I hate the situation when I press the brake and car starts to use rear gear before full stop.

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If you want to change gears manually then use Manual rather than automatic ! Why bother with automatic at all ?
You’re used to manual shifting - so use it.