Could someone from T10 actually LOOK in the F6 support forum?

The thread titled “LAG” needs to be addressed. This has been going on over a week now and some kind of acknowledgement of the problem would be awesome. I know FH3 just came out but COME ON!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not trying to be rude, but starting to get really frustrated with it…


I’ve seen more lag as well. Last night my results were 20 seconds faster than the first place car. That lag the track vanished for 5 seconds during a race.

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Oh yeah! I forgot about the disappearing track thing. That happened to me too. After 9 laps, on the final lap at Bernese Alps all of a sudden the track disappears and I’m taking off into outer space apparently.!405&authkey=AOQ5RrAGbeF4JRQ

Maybe that worked… new to sharing clips from Xbox…

And an example of the lag/freeze…!406&authkey=APVHg99qrNSwnCc

I’m assuming most of the recent lag is because of the FH3 launch… just give them time

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just an acknowledgement would be nice


I will bet it’s to do with the dashboard update. T10 will just brush it off until ms fix the dashboard. Basically it’s called PASSING THE BUCK

When have T10 ever publically responded about any bug, ever?

Repeatedly since release, maybe if people took the time to actually look they would see that. Thread locked.