Could i just buy the Ferrari F50 GT?

Most car packs have the option to buy individual cars if you just want that car. This is the same with every pack. Now with this car pack, you can buy every car separately but the Ferrari F50 GT. You must buy the whole car pack.

I’m sorry, but the other cars have no value to me, and it seems that way to a lot of people.

Can we get the Bugatti Chiron or Vision GT in this game already?

edit: No idea!

Every car pack has had a hero car that you cannot buy individually. In this case its the F50 GT.


They know everyone will buy the car pack for that car and basically over pay for cars they might never use. That is why it is a hero car.

Never going to get a Vision GT car in this game!!!

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Vision GT is a car design platform developed by Sony/Polyphony Digital and is exclusive to the Gran Turismo franchise. It is never coming to Forza, or any other game for that matter.


All car packs, going way back as long as I can remember, have had a “hero car” that’s pack only. This isn’t a new thing.

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Irrelevant and the second part is also not true. We get it, you like fast cars that go zoom and not cars that are famous and desired in the enthusiast community for their tunability, contribution to the history of the automobile or other desirable performance characteristics.

However rules are still rules and the F50 GT is the hero car of the pack.


Maybe instead of poking fun at Quasi for his lack of knowledge we could educate him like adults. This forum’s gotten petty lately, with people belittling others for simply asking questions.

  • Every Car Pack has a “Hero Car”.
  • This “Hero Car” is usually more desirable than the other cars in the pack.
  • Microsoft know this and their entire DLC car pool for a game is split up in such a way that every pack has one car that’s more desirable than the others.
  • By tying the “Hero Car” to the purchase of an entire pack, they can guarantee more revenue as consumers will want that car more than the others in the pack.
  • This system has been in place for all Car Packs since the release of Forza Motorsport 4, maybe even earlier. The system is clearly working for them and will not change in the near future.

You have 3 options:

  • Buy the Car Pack to get the car.
  • Don’t buy the Car Pack.
  • Play a different game that happens to have the car you’re looking for.

Please continue to use the separate Wish List threads pinned in the FH3 discussion forum.

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