COTA has something missing

I was at Lone Star Le Mans this year and took some pictures from the Dragon. I noticed that in the game, there is a huge discrepancy in the way the track looks from up there. The Stars are missing!!! Here is my photo and an in-game capture to show you what I’m talking about:

Please Turn10, update Circuit of the Americas!

Sorry but the picture doesn`t show.

There are several tracks that have different signage and coloring then their real life counterparts.

Signage and so-on if not tied to a particular race series (Formula 1 for example) changes with every type of race that takes place at a track, including private track days by car manufacturers. Unless Turn 10 wanted to tie certain tracks to certain real-life events their current solution of using “generic” track branding is fine (and also one less licensing issue to deal with).

What I noticed recently is that one of the grandstands at Silverstone (by the International pit lane entrance at Vale) has no roof in the game, yet it has had so in reality for the past 2+ years. It doesn’t affect my experience of driving the circuit but as I’ve been to the circuit and sat in that grandstand numerous times I do notice it on most laps.