Convoy - traffic bugs, invisible players

after recent update online free roam is a huge mess for cruisers.

People cant see traffic, cant see each other in same convoy, for pc users when you have convoy lead you cant set group destination( option is no longer existant, it just tells you to buy treasure map) unless you make the convoy in first place, but then others cant set group destinations. players cant see friends in convoy, but we can see random people instead that are just ruining the experiance with their reckless keyboard driving.

to fix traffic issue there is some workarounds: fast travel to garage, or go to photo mode and reset cosmetic damage.

Especially the problem that the game does sync random people, but not the convoy members is very annoying when you play in large convoys with 10-12 people.

This needs to be fixed with some kind of sync prioriy for convoy members asap.

But at least there is a workaroud which works most of the time: just start and drive any race with your convoy. The fastest way is to do it with any drag race.

Many players who join convoys can not see traffic and routinely smash them off the road and into other players (while in or out of leaders session). The only slightly functional workaround is resetting cosmetic damage in photo mode. Please fix- thank you!

@And_GG3956 @Lukas370Z @Starwind2102 we’re doing periodic check-ins: would you please confirm if this bug continues to be an issue after updates released since you first reported it?

yes, 2 days ago one of my friends had same issue with traffic.