Convoy offline (convoy ai)

In forza horizon 3 you might remember with this using feature when you blow the horn they will join you and the maximum of getting opponents is up to 4 i think but in fh5 i really miss that feature when i drive in free roam
So forza playground games please add this amazing feature in fh5 but much much much improved and it really needed to completely reworking the AI.
New features for convoy ai:

  • Changeable ai opponents vehicles and characters
  • Maximum of getting opponents up to 7
  • Arrange and sort for example, you may allow them to be your partner or in front of your car
    Also i need this feature in forza horizon 6 but for that game i need the same that features and fixes from fh5 to fh6 but the only different is the maximum of getting ai opponents up to 12.

So please take notes playground games for this feature, thanks a lot!!