Convertible feature doesnt work for the Ferrari J50 Corvette C1 C3 C7 C8, Koenigseggs, Supra RZ

In real life these cars are convertibles ingame these are either only available with the roof or some without the roof only it would be nice to see these get fixed there are obviously others like the Carrera GT these should be fixed too As for the Koenigseggs all of them(ingame) are convertibles

Especially strange on the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata.


not that one as its on the wont fix list I mentioned the ones that arent on the wont fix list

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Thank you for providing us this information and feedback. We have passed this along to our dev team for future investigation. We will now move this topic from the Troubleshooting Hub over to the Suggestions Hub to collect further votes and comments.

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Even so, it’s their fault for saying they won’t fix it, they think we need to accept, well we won’t

If I mentioned the other ones it would be marked as won’t fix but the ones I mentioned aren’t on the won’t fix list so there is a chance they will fix those


I hope the team will fix it

I really hope these will be fixed in future update or in the next entry

Any updates on this or will time tell us if they will fix it