Controller XSX not working on PC help me

I’ve tried to find the solutions online but noone worked I never had this before, when I turn the car the camera goes together, and its like the mouse/keyboard is messing with something like it keep showing the keyboard inputs in the menu when im using the controller. man im so confused. I didnt changed any settings in the confings

maybe the controller sticks have the dreaded slip already ? when they go off on their own direction ? i cant do liveries anymore bcos of mine but its fine most other places… idk… modern tech is mostly garbage

the ‘letter to press’ doesnt matter, the ‘x’ or ‘enter’ ?
they will alternate often, you can still use the controller tho yes ?

no, its unplayable I cant even turn my car

I have also run into this issue. Doesn’t matter what controller profile I pick or if I make a custom profile. When I turn the car using the left stick the camera follows. Also the mouse cursor is on the screen all the time now and moves when I use the right stick to move the camera.